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We know that doing taxes can become tedious, especially if you do not have a valid immigration status in the country or if you earn in cash. With ACG, your immigration status does not matter or how you receive your income, we will do the job quickly and easily.

We are trained to carry out the process properly, and have knowledge of all the requirements. We will also analyze the situation of your taxes to be able to help you obtain the legal deductions that correspond to you and that apply directly to your case.

Register your company in
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If you have a company and want to formalize its constitution before the state of Virginia, we at ACG help you with all the procedures before the IRS. We also help you to obtain the EIN.

Our experts have the necessary experience to meet all the requirements so that your company can function correctly and legally.

What will you need to register
your company?

Have a Social Security number or an ITIN: You don’t have either of these two documents? We will help you process them.
Name of your company: If you already have a name in mind for your company, or are still undecided, we recommend you check the following LINK where you can find the names already registered or you can see if the one you want is available. Link (goes above linked) to verify if your name is available or if there are similarities with another.
Legal Representative: This is the person who will be in charge of receiving the legal documentation on behalf of the company. If you are in Virginia, you must reside in the state and be over 18 years of age. You can even be yourself.
Establish the purpose of the company: You have to define what activities to develop in the company, whether it is the sale of goods or services.
You must specify which is the location of the company: Where it is located.

In addition to helping you file taxes and register your business

we provide advice on:
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Frequently asked questions

Anyone who receives a salary must declare taxes regardless of their immigration status in the country. If you own a business or are an employee and receive cash, check or electronic transfers for any work activity, you are required to file taxes with the state (IRS).

Nine out of ten people receive their refund in less than 21 days according to the IRS if they filed their taxes online. If, on the other hand, they sent it by post, it takes approximately 6 weeks from the day they sent the statement.

Note: If you think your refund was lost or stolen you can contact the IRS and they will help you.

They are used for social works, therefore it is an obligation of all taxpayers to contribute to this cause.
Each state manages a different tax system, and they are used for infrastructure and projects solely led by the state. For example: Building Hospitals, public schools, parks, deploying security and other benefits that will be shared by Virginia residents.
Yes. Anyone, regardless of their immigration status (undocumented) must declare taxes annually. And more if they want to obtain government benefits or apply for future amnesties.

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